A letter from the Hermitage Ministry Team

Dear friends,

November is a month full of remembrance. We begin with celebration of all the lives of the Saints past and present. I am sure that each one of you have known someone who you would call a saint. So why do we remember them? Saints are remembered for their life of generous service to their fellow man. They may have encountered hardship and freely given this service in work and devotion to God.

We commemorate Remembrance Day and wear a poppy and stand to remember those of our Armed Forces who died in the Great Wars and since. On the Remembrance Sunday here is Hermitage we are graced to see members of the Armed Forces attend with the uniformed organisations. We stand with them to remember those that paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Jesus said, ‘No one has greater love than to lay his life down for one’s friend. This year the battle of Passendale was remembered. When many soldiers lost their lives on the first day. The trouble is it is not just the soldier but the family that is bereaved and a life cut short – A Father, a son, a sweetheart. We remember those that are injured and weeks of healing and rehabilitation that takes place. There have always been wars and conflicts striving for good. We strive for peace in the world which is hard to continue. So let us wear our Poppy with Pride fully enjoying the freedom and the generosity that has been given by these soldiers and becoming like saints to our neighbours and to those whom we work and live with.

God Bless

Margaret Fisher

Licensed Lay Minister

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